He fought with her baby on social networks and what is not forgiven

The pride of parents will always be children. But what happens when pride and passion mix? Did the Spanish bullfighter Francisco Rivera 'Paquirri', which ignited social networks with a photo in which he appears bullfighting with his baby. Little is none other than Carmen, her five months old. 'Paquirri' justified its publication as a way to honor the bullfighting tradition of his family.

"Debut of Carmen, is the fifth generation in our family fights. My grandfather and my father goaded. My father and goaded me, and I have done with my daughters: Cayetana, and now Carmen  #orgullodesangre ". He said it was not the first time he did and proud of his craft again published a second photograph in which he was seen fighting while carrying on his shoulders another daughter, Cayetana.

Francisco Rivera Paquirri
Francisco Rivera Paquirri

Thousands of users in social networks joined the discussion on whether this should be considered an irresponsible or not. Some even called for take away custody of Carmen, her baby. Others recalled that 'Paquirri' has not been the only one familiar mix passion and pride. We must remember the famous 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin Australian, who dared to feed one of these animals as she held her small Bindi.

Elephant Calf, in the sight of wild dogs
A new chapter in the struggle for survival in the animal world had starring a baby elephant and 16 wild dogs that tried to give chase. It looked like the end for this baby elephant. Out of nowhere, two adults were members of his flock, ready to defend the attack of his executioners.

The scene was captured by Dennis Browning, 32, visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Fortunately for breeding, this time the wild dogs were left without dinner.

Example Japanese efficiency
The grooming equipment bullet train, one of the transport of passengers fastest in the world, showed that Japanese efficiency is more than a good reputation.

They entered the train, which carries an average of 400,000 people a day to your routine challenge: clean their cars that can accommodate a hundred people. The work was seamless and synchronized. They disinfected trays all the seats in 12 seconds, then reviewed and cleared the baggage compartments; they went to the windows to let them shiny; and, at the end, they trapearon the floor.

The whole process took seven minutes, not a second more. And most surprising: grooming equipment consists of employees of 52 years on average.

Patient on the run!
An unconventional exhaust stuck in a security camera of a veterinarian in the United States. Its protagonist was a huge dog that three nurses tried to control for treatment. In an oversight, the animal on the run. With no telling what it was that would take on its back to a medical care facility. Video added on Monday more than half a million views online.
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