Is the best job in the world? A baby sitter pandas

This woman awakens today the envy of millions of netizens. See also the animal sanctuary inspired by John Lennon and the slowest train in the world. Many say they do not charge for care for these newborns pandas. And with reason, because they are adorable. But the Center for Protection and Research of the Giant Panda Chin insists on paying for and does it very well.

The salary is 214,000 yuan per year (about 702,229 USD), without which the worker is entitled to accommodation, food and use of a company vehicle. However, keep the vacancy is as difficult as winning the lottery.

In 2014, the only seat available was opened as caretaker of pandas in this animal refuge located in the province of Sichuan. More than 100,000 applications were submitted! For nature lovers and, of course, these plump, fluffy animals, there is no better employment to be caregivers, 365 days a year.

Is the best job in the world? A baby sitter pandas

If you are one of them, evaluate both know about pandas. Here are some questions that surely you could do in a job interview:

What do you like to eat a giant panda?

What is your life expectancy?

How much is the gestation period?

What does Panda in Chinese?

An animal sanctuary inspired by John Lennon
The late artist John Lennon imagined living in a world without borders and composed a hymn to share his dream. Today, a Chilean organization actually does, but in the animal world. What better name for this sanctuary that of inter species equality, a place where truth is stranger than fiction.

Species believe that one could never cohabit do so without suspicion. This is Laura, a rescued pig from a farm, and Marina, a cat that was about to die in the street case. They are best friends and younger guests at this shelter. The motto here, as described by Lennon, is to live in a world filled with love, respect and tolerance, regardless of what species it belongs.

The only occupant of this train is Vivienne, a girl who failed to make the first round and was already asleep. It seems that this little forgot to make a technical stop to rest and preferred to continue their march locomotive. Sweet dreams for the passenger. Nobody's fault, is that at that speed, whichever gives up.
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