Emilia Kamvisi. The candidate for Nobel Peace Prize

She became known after being photographed fed a Syrian baby on the island of Lesbos. When she discovered that she was a candidate for the Nobel he could only say: "What I did not do anything" When fed a Syrian baby in autumn last year, Emilia Kamvisi was far from imagining what was being proposed by Greece for Nobel Peace Prize. "What did I do? I did not do anything," said the Greek grandmother 85 years when he discovered that he had been nominated to receive the award. Four months after being photographed with two other friends, 89 and 85 years to feed a child with a bottle, Emilia is among the three candidates Greek premium.

Almost a million refugees entered Europe via Greece. On the island of Lesbos, where she lives, Emilia Kamvisi. She saw scenes that made her remember the days of the Nazi occupation. "We saw people crying in the boats, people to leave their homes, people sleeping in the streets," recalled Reuters.

Emilia Kamvisi. The Greek 85-year candidate for Nobel Peace Prize
Four months ago rescued a baby. Now Emilia is a hero on the island of Lesbos  | REUTERS
Inhabitants of the Greek islands proposed for Nobel Peace Prize
Emilia devalues ​​the importance of the act, which Greece considers to be the behavior of the mirror and the country's attitude, both in terms of the organizations or the volunteers who helped to save men, women and children fleeing war and poverty. As with the Kamvisi grandmother, 85, several Greek personalities suggested to the committee other important names in the reception of refugees. This is the case of Stratis were worth, a fisherman from the island of Lesbos, which was also proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize.

They tell you it's a hero, but Stratis were worth considers that did only what he had to do. "When you're fishing and you see a boat to sink next to you and people screaming for help, you can not pretend you're not listening to them," said the fisherman. In October, saved dozens of refugees during a shipwreck. Following the incident, he recalled, 240 people were rescued from "a sea of ​​corpses." "Nobody wants to leave their homes to pick up a suitcase and five babies and walk for five months and get a plastic boat," he added.

Among the names proposed by Greece is also the American actress Susan Sa-randon, 69, who spent Christmas and the holiday season in Lesbos, to help and to know the stories of Syrian refugees who have fled the war. However, circulated on the Internet a petition to give the Nobel Peace Prize to the inhabitants of the Greek island, who struggled to help refugees. At the end of the day yesterday, the document gathered already more than 600 thousand signatures.

The Norwegian Nobel Institute does not disclose the names of the nominees for the award, but who makes suggestions can disclose them. Among the candidates for this year, advances to Reuters, is also the Agency's service provider former National Security of the United States (NSA, its acronym in English) Edward Snowden and the negotiators of the peace process in Colombia.
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