Facts you may did not know about Alien

Alien, myth or truth? Find out what are the most interesting curiosities of the world of ufology. One of the greatest mysteries of mankind. The methodical study that analyzes of any life intelligence beyond planet Earth is called ufology, the term was coined after the first alleged extraterrestrial contact in 1947, what happened in the United States, but many people have doubts and curiosities by ufulogia, by UFOs, aliens, and all that refers to another race, which until then, is unknown by humans. See below 7 curiosities enlightening on non-Earthlings.

Facts you may did not know about Alien

- In Brazil where had more contact with extraterrestrials was reported in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, so much so, that the city accounted for the highest number of alleged abductions in the world.

- The acronym stands UFO, English language which means UFO (Unidentified Flying Object).

- The experts in ufology area ensure that more than 8 million people have had some type of contact with extraterrestrials, since the count was started in 1947 and cataloged.

- Data is curious, plus about 60% of cases of all contacts occurred in the United States.

- Six countries where there were more cases of contacts, including: United States, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Russia.

- In a survey conducted in 1990 revealed that 12% of Americans said they had any kind of experience with extraterrestrials, and 48% of the population said they believed the reports of the 12% who had the alleged contacts.

- It's not just anonymous people seem to be visited by non-human entities, the famous have also revealed their extraterrestrial experiences, including: Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethanêa, Gal Costa, Elba Ramalho, Jimmy Carter and Suzana Alves better known as ( Auntie).

These were the seven most interesting curiosities of the world of ufology, trying to prove that humans are not alone in the immense universe.
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