This Kangaroo is falling in love

The Australian organization Wires, Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc., which is a kind of rescue agency, training and endangered animal rescue, introduced the world to a story about an animal, in the captivating least a few weeks ago, in the picture record and the story itself, quickly became viral on the internet and in various social networks.

A man named Beshara Timothy, the son of one of Australia's organization of caregivers had the idea to share a photo on the social network Twitter, a beautiful Eastern Grey Kangaroo orphan, named Doodlebug, holding fondly a teddy bear plush, the city of New South Wales, also in Australia.

This Kangaroo is falling in love
Doodlebug, the kangaroo with her inseparable friend, a teddy bear

The photo was turning into a viral not only by the candor of the actual scene, but also the surprising fact that it is extremely rare and unusual for a kangaroo will constantly hold a teddy bear as a mascot or partner of their play.

Beshara said that when he posted the Kangaroo picture on the net, was simply amazed to read the reviews that were written later, as the image just encouraging people to regard the events in a different light when they have a bad day, that is, the Nature therefore contributes to bringing joy to all, provided they pay due attention. 

Timothy's mother called Gillian Abad, which is one of the caretakers of Wires, was responsible for the photography record and was also the woman who directly rescued the little kangaroo.

Beshara revealed that Doodlebug is now 15 months old and was found in poor condition just over a year since it was abandoned and was too young to take care of himself alone. 

The kangaroo cub is in a gradual process of returning to nature, and it is necessary to adopt some special measures to ensure that this transition successfully occur. Doodlebug nowadays is inhabiting the area of a forest which is close to the house lady Abad, but still return the family home once in a while. 

As for the Doodlebug's teddy bear, Beshara makes a point of saying that the kangaroo relates to the stuffed animal as any child would do or how your little friend. "It stays on your side, practice your kicks with the doll and hugs," reiterates Beshara.
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