This selfie become famous. Now, the owner of the horse wants money

David Bellis, 31, was walking with his three yeras old son, and made a selfie, very smiling, with a horse behind, also laughing. Then, having found favor with photography, decided to run a Thomson competition, held on the occasion of Blue Monday, usually the third Monday of January, considered the saddest day of the year. The travel agency also liked the image, so decided to award him the prize, a trip worth two thousand pounds (about 2,600 euros). Only the owner of the horse found no joke.

In social networks, Nicola Mitchell was keen to show the discontent that David Bellis have won a vacation worth two thousand pounds at the expense of your pet. Friends gave him reason. In such a way that the author of selfie started receiving messages that are insulted and where it is required to pay half of the premium to the owner of the horse, says the newspaper Daily Mail .

This selfie become famous. Now, the owner of the horse wants money
Father, son and horse. All smile for the photo. But not the horse owner
"I do not understand why Nicola is so upset with it. I was in a public place that everyone uses to go to the local school and everyone sees the horse there," said David Bellis, of Prestatyn, England, quoted the same newspaper. "I find it sad that instead of being glad I have won a holiday one thinks immediately that it was mistaken in some way," he added, considering who are "jealous".

"At first thought the prize was in cash and said that I should give half of the amount. But it's a holiday, so they will not get a cent. There they'll give the holidays," he said.

Nicola Mitchell, the owner of the horse, said he bought it for his daughter three years ago and argued that David Bellis should have asked permission to take the picture. "There are 100 pounds. Two thousand pounds is a lot of money," he said, assuring that if he had known that Thompson's contest could also have contributed. Because, it claimed, the horse is always laughing and putting his tongue out.

Thompson said that the aim of the competition was to get people to laugh in what is considered the most depressing day of the year and regretted that this has caused inconvenience to horse owners. The agency has not received any complaint form, but promised to give her all the attention when it happens.
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