This woman forces a thief to be her sex slave

This is the story of a thief who tried to get along and ended up being a victim of its own target. Viktor Jasinski, 32, broke into a beauty salon in the city of Meshchovsk, Russia, armed with a gun to clean the box. After collecting the money, he was captured by a young Olga Zajac, 28, hairdresser and black karate belt. The blond knocked the guy on the ground, took his gun and tied his hands with wire a hair dryer.

This woman forces a thief to be her sex slave
Olga Zajac, in a photo released by Russian police: she made her sex slave by taking Viagra
But anyone who thinks that the story ends here, you're wrong. Instead of calling the police, Olga dragged Viktor to a dark room, took off his clothes and forced him to be his sex slave for three days. After use and abuse of the subject, to teach him a lesson, Olga freed face and added: "Get out of my face..!."

Viktor went straight to a hospital to treat bruises in the testicles and penis. To the police, he said he was arrested for a pair of pink plush handcuffs and that this period was required to take Viagra. Olga was called to testify and confirmed the story: " This guy is an idiot! We had sex many times but I gave him a new pair of jeans, food and even gave money to him to leave my room." Viktor was arrested for theft and Olga, for torture and false imprisonment. Perhaps they will meet on jail and make their own sex and thief games LOL.
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