A garbage man filled the snow to garbage truck to get more paid

A resident in Milton, near Toronto, thought a garbage man made him a service by shoveling part of its snowbank. Municipal authorities say rather that filled the snow truck to be paid more. The subcontractor for which he works, Miller Waste Systems, is paid per tonne of garbage collected.

It all started Monday when the resident Anna O'Sullivan posted a video of the garbage collector on Facebook with the hashtag ilovemilton (I like Milton). The recording was then snowballed into social media.

A garbage man filled the snow to garbage truck to get more paid
The garbage man surprised by a resident in Milton.   PHOTO: FACEBOOK / ANNA O'SULLIVAN

"We know the ploy"

The commissioner of public works in Halton Region, Jim Harnum, said he immediately understood that the employee was not a good Samaritan saw the video. "[The region] will not pay for that truck that day, "he said. 

This morning along with picking up the usual bag of garbage, they also picked up the excess snow that was beside the curb! (For licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com)
Dikirim oleh Anna O'Sullivan pada 7 Maret 2016

The Miller Company, serving Milton since 2008, could also be fined. Harnum believes, however, that this is an isolated act. "If the cargo is full of snow or wet, we know the trick and refuses to accept it," he says.

Milton Mayor Gordon Krantz said that the council will consider the matter at its next meeting, but said that the contractor had done a "great job" until now. Halton has recently renewed its contract with Miller for eight years.
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