Bottles thrown into the sea in Canada: messages found in Europe

A Newfoundland couple, who had launched the Atlantic twenty plastic bottles containing messages, had several Europeans echoes that found them along the coast. Lynn and Ron McCarthy of Musgrave Harbour on the north coast of Newfoundland, have found a hobby that has allowed them to make new friends on the Old Continent.

"It's really fun, says Lynn McCarty. We always wonder where our bottles will be successful and if we hear from those who recover. " The couple threw 24 plastic bottles in the Atlantic Ocean since 2012, hoping they complete their long journey on foreign shores.

Bottles thrown into the sea in Newfoundland: messages found in Europe
One of the messages found on European shores.   PHOTO: FACEBOOK

"Three of our bouteillles have been found in Norway in December. Another ran aground on the coast of Ireland six weeks later, "says Ron McCarty adding that half their bottles were recovered, most in the British Isles and Northern Europe.

McCarthy said that the last bottle thrown into the sea was found in June, but they have only recently learned about social media. Although they did not know the person who posted the photo, they discovered they had in common Facebook friends.

"The message was not meant for me, I just received a message from someone in the area with a picture asking if anyone knew this person," says Lynn McCarthy. She adds that one found their names, email address and a snowman smile on messages bottled. To better protect their messages, the couple began to insert them in sealed plastic bags.

"One of the messages found in Norway was wet and washed out, that's the reason why people have trouble finding us. " Lynn McCarthy said that two bottles were found in Britain, one by a couple walking on the beach and the other by a 12 year old boy.

"They sent us an email to let us know. Then we used to send [people who find our messages] some pictures on Facebook to show them where they live and they do the same. " McCarthy were even able to discuss in person with the British couple and also contacted the boy's mother 12 years.

In this era of technology, send messages bottles may seem trivial to some, but McCarthy have every intention to continue to practice their hobby. "As long as the wind blows the right side," says Lynn McCarthy, laughing.
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