He sings to give comfort to his patients

At the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax, a nurse uses all his talents to speed healing of his patients or just give them a relaxing, including his talent for song. It all started when Brody McGee began bringing his guitar to the hospital to practice during his breaks. Sewing up, he brought his guitar in the patient rooms and began singing at the foot of their beds.

"It is visible, people are relaxed, some even sing with me. Sometimes I sing a catchy song when I know that a patient has a bad day. It makes them happy at least the time of the song, "he said.

Many of his patients are elderly and a third suffers from a form of dementia. Sing to them enables a contact, Brody says McGee. Sometimes people can not hold a conversation, but they can accompany me when I sing them a song of their youth

The nurse-singer of the QE II Hospital in Halifax, Brody McGee   PHOTO: CBC / ELIZABETH MCMILLAN

It even accepts special requests. To be able to meet these demands, he downloaded an application that allows him to quickly learn the lyrics.

The applications vary greatly, but some artists return as Johnny Cash or James Taylor. Songs like Country Roads by John Denver and Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen are among the favorite patients. "It's beautiful, said a patient, Sheila Grant, about this last song. I could hear all day. It really boosted morale!"

The music therapy

When he started singing, Brody McGee realized physical and emotional benefits of music. It intends to improve by a Masters in Nursing and intends to study more about the benefits of music therapy.
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