It was like living in a horror movie

Achievement of a mysterious illness, a teenager of 17 years constantly bleeding from the eye, ear, mouth or scalp. A living hell. Marnie Rae Harvey, 17, is suffering from a mysterious illness that makes her life hell. Regularly, the British began to bleed one eye, ears or mouth. And for now, the different doctors that the girl found are simply unable to understand what is happening. Meanwhile, the teenager is forced to stay home and every morning her mother wakes up with the anguish of finding inanimate. "It was like living in a horror film. This happens every day. We leave in two weeks when the blood flowed from her tongue and her scalp, "says the " Sun " Cath, her mother.

It was like living in a horror movie

The nightmare of the Harvey family started one morning in July, when the girl woke up in a hemoglobin mare she had bled from the eye all night. "We took her to the emergency but they have done anything for her," says Cath. The mysterious illness quickly worsened, spreading to her ears, mouth, scalp and sometimes her nails. "Every day, Marnie Rae vomited four or five times the blood," says her mother.

"My life is on hold"

Therefore, Marnie Rae must remain cloistered at home, a person constantly at her bedside. A hellish situation: "I wanted to follow an apprentice hairdresser but I had to let go of fear to bleed on clients. I lost most of my friends, they do not want to see me. I'm always home. My life is outstanding, "says the girl. The most unbearable in this story, it's the eyes of others. "The last time we went to the emergency room, people were taking photos and expressing their disgust. I had to take her out, "where she fainted, says Cath.

Physicians have excluded the presence of a brain tumor, a blood disease or clotting problem. According examinations she suffered, her liver, kidneys, her uterus, her ovaries and other organs are working perfectly. Her ears, eyes, nose and throat no irregularity. Still, doctors are still unable to put a name to the illness of the teenager. Marnie Rae will shortly consult a gynecologist who will try to determine whether the harm which it suffers may be related to her uterus. The problem of the girl seems indeed worsen when she is menstruating. 

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