Nearly 255 km/h, he beat the new speed record on skis

The Italian Ivan Origone, soon 29, was delighted with his elder brother Simone, who had in the previous run of the set at 252.987 km/h, the record for speed skiing world, with 254.958 km/h Saturday in Vars (Alpes French) during the Speed ​​Masters.

There is one year, on the same track of Chabrières, Simone, aged 36, had set the mark at 252.632 km/h. This is the end of a wall with 98% of maximum slope inclination, and drawn in a natural corridor, the Italian brothers rewrote the history of the specialty. He beats the ski world speed record.

Nearly 255 km/h, he beat the new speed record on skis
Ivan Origone broke the record of speed ski world.   AFP PHOTO / TamTam photos / C.Mathias

At these speeds, the bold is not loose, trompe-death section equipped with helmet and wings behind the knees to improve aerodynamics, if the weather is perfect and not too cold snow to slide very fast. the initial thrust is impressive, the 200 km/h are achieved in five seconds.

The imperative is to stay in contact with the ground while a cushion of air forms under the spatulas that must be kept apart. In this particular competition, formerly known as flying kilometer (KL), the competitors are "flashed" for a short distance.

Braking, highly delicate phase requires to gradually raise the bust. The tests (helmet, combination) are performed in the wind tunnel. The Origone thus benefit from the expertise of the Italian coach builder Pininfarina, near Turin, for ten years.

Discipline, in demonstration at the Albertville Olympics (France) in 1992, has not passed the registration. The Italian Valentina Greggio for its part improved the women's world record with 247.083 km/h.
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