New trend,The seeking of rare and popular names

Trend. Increasingly, parents choose to name their children with whatever common words. They say it is because the law was relaxed. The influence of soap operas. It happens in Argentina and around the world. Parents are increasingly choosing names for their children rare. For these lands Chevy, Bongo, Mel, Brena, Nanda, Diano and even Dona Mara came to play, because it was a baby and could not be Diego. Some are inspired by Mapuche indigenous languages ​​and especially in the characters of the most popular telenovelas, in the names of sons of famous or directly hispanicized are foreign words. Even in surnames of players like Lionel Messi Rosario crack.

New trend,The seeking of rare and popular names
Onur and Scheherazade, the fictional couple "Thousand and One Nights" whose names are already furor.
For them, Scheherazade (The boom of the Turkish soap opera "The Arabian Nights"), Ara few years ago (by Araceli González), Salma (by actress Salma Hayek), Shakira, Thalia and Purple. For them: Onur (the heartthrob of the Turkish novel), Diano, Diogo, Fantino, Koren, Yosemir, Claro, Sancho, Toasts, Odete and Bono, as the leader of U2.

In the world examples abound. In Mexico, for example, they came to annotate a baby with Yahoo name because her parents met online. Others, environmentalists dads, named their son Arbol. In Colombia there are even funny and daring combinations: Juan Carlos Unda Melo, Armando Bulla, Dolores Fuertes and Monica Galindo, to name a few.

In another country, the emergence of zany names grew as he became more flexible Name Law, the 18,248. Experts explain that this is a very old rule, which is much revised and already had some modifications. They claim that the fact that the name you want to put it a name, for example, does not imply a right to refuse it, taking into account the case of names as Miranda and Jorge. And they emphasize that the important thing is that the name should not be offensive because the goal is to prevent the boy suffers a mockery.
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