He sells canned sand and fog of Prince Edward Island

He sells canned sand and fog of Prince Edward Island
These small sand boxes of Prince Edward Island. Georgetown will be sold by a contractor in mid-May. PHOTO: TRANQUILITY COVE ADVENTURES

The operator of a tourism business Georgetown in eastern Prince Edward Island, will soon sell to tourists sand and fog of canned Island. Perry Gotell Own Tranquility Cove Adventures, says answer a demand of tourists. "People like to a souvenir," he explains. The sand will come from a pile created as a result of dredging. There is no question, he says, to plunder the beautiful Island beaches.

Regarding the fog, he intends to travel to the coast, foggy days, and reap it personally. On foggy days, you will see me at the end of the dock with my boxes [to harvest fog]. The boxes will be smaller, he said humorously, "because we do not want, when you open it, you lose in a room."

Perry Gotell, whose company offers adventures on the water and on the beach, has not yet definitely fixed the price of its sand boxes and fog, but plans to sell 5 to $ 10. They will be offered to tourists in mid-May.
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