Millions applaud for this supermom enrolling her four babies at once

Everything seems out of control, but this mom knows what she must to do. Any parent knows that a baby demands great attention. Imagine that this task is multiplied by four. That is the life of Corrie Lyn Whyte, 26 years old, a mother of triplets eight months and a two year old girl.

Dan Gibson, her partner, decided to record the routine of this supermom: dress their four children at the same time without losing control of the situation. All, without exception, are restless. They go different directions and, at times, seems to be falling out of bed. Corrie, however, not lose sight of any of them. Emily (2), Olivia, Jackson and Levi are perfectly dressed for bed.

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Dikirim oleh The Baby Gang pada 4 Februari 2016

The video posted by The Baby Gang on Facebook has haunted surfers who want to see how it ends this feat and have rewarded the scene with more than 56 million views. Excellent record!
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