Perfect sleep, thanks to biorhythm rooms

 More and more people are suffering from sleep problems, the reasons for this are varied. The Vivea Health Hotel Bad Bleiberg wants to help its guests to get a restful sleep with technology from sleep research.

Start the day full of energy and really enjoy the well-deserved vacation days that's what most people want. Because it is precisely on vacation that the signs point to relaxation.

For this to work, restful and comfortable sleep is extremely important. But more and more people are having trouble falling asleep and waking up. According to a study by the MedUni Vienna, almost half of the people in Austria suffer from unrefreshing sleep. And more and more people are having trouble sleeping.

Perfect sleep thanks to biorhythm rooms

Sleep hygiene for a better sleep

There are many reasons for poor sleep: from cell phone screens in bed to stress and worries, there are numerous factors that influence sleep.

Factors such as ambient light, room temperature and background noise play a major role and are part of what is known as sleep hygiene. Finally, for many, it's just more difficult to get a good night's sleep when they're in an unfamiliar environment.

The Vivea Health Hotel Bad Bleiberg knows how important healthy and restful sleep is for a full day. That's why there are now five biorhythm rooms that are designed to help guests get a good night's sleep. The project was implemented together with the start-up Zeitgeber, which works with light and sound to create an ideal sleeping environment for the hotel's guests.

Different lighting moods in the evening and in the morning

In the evening, the signs point to relaxation. The atmosphere in the room is adjusted to the sleeping phase with harmonious light tones and a reading light that is compatible with sleep. A sunset is simulated using LED lights and relaxing music can also be played if desired.

In the morning, the guests are slowly and gently woken up from their sleep. The wake-up process is initiated by the timer system with a simulated sunrise.

The indirect lighting is constantly getting brighter and supports growing up, and there are soothing sounds of nature that accompany the process. Because the sleeper is not abruptly brought back to the awake state, waking up is more pleasant and the sleep rhythm can adapt better to the waking time.

With findings from sleep research for more comfortable sleep

The start-up Zeitgeber, with whom the Vivea health hotels cooperate here, is behind the system. The device is installed at the head of the bed above the sleeper and consists of two LED panels.

One of them radiates downwards, the other upwards. Depending on the time of day, the system emits a different light. Zeitgeber advertises that their system can be understood as a wellness experience in your own bed.

It is based on scientific results from sleep research and ensures, among other things, that the sleep rhythm normalizes and sleep deficits are reduced as a result. With the help of the system, winter depression or spring tiredness can be counteracted, and the hotel guests can enjoy their vacation days to the fullest.

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