Nobody wants this job for 360,000 euros a year and three months off

It's funny, but it is assumed that in a context of economic crisis affecting many areas of the globe, gainfully employed 360,000 euros per year should be many claimants. They owed raffle. But it's not like that. A small town in New Zealand is looking for a GP pair its rural clinic, but no one, it seems, is willing to take the plunge, despite the three-month vacation offered as a complement

Tokoroa, New Zealand
A doctor Alan Kenny, 61, is heading up a small clinic in Tokoroa, a village in the region of Waikato in New Zealand. His problem is that is overworked and can not take all along his own. It can not cope with the number of patients who come to visit every day, with an average of 43 visits per day. So he has decided to seek a young doctor family to divide patients. Problem? Amazed that nobody is wants the job offer.

Dr. Kenny went to four companies specializing in recruiting doctors But in two years they have been unable to find a suitable candidate. And that the offer is unbeatable: 360,000 euros per year, three-month holidays paid, free weekends and not have to work at night time. And nothing. In four months not a single request for the post.

But let's see: Is that money a lot in context of New Zealand? More than twice the average for the country. So what's the problem? It's a rural place and seems to lose its appeal. "Auckland has the largest medical school and most of the young people who go to medical school come from wealthy families in the area. If these universities recruit more students from rural areas would not exist this problem, " said Dr. Kenny the NZ Herald. What young Spanish doctors say? Surely no one is encouraged to take the plunge.
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