An eagle hatched live and creates the sensation

A small bald eagle, the raptor of US symbol, hatched from his egg Friday in Washington, where a permanently deflected camera on the nest of his parents held spellbound viewers. Symbolically dubbed "Mr President" and "First Lady", the two majestic animals can be scanned 24 hours 24 on "Eaglecam" which received "more than two million views during the past months," said Julia Cecere, spokesperson of the NGO American Eagle Foundation (AEF).

These days, the craze has increased tenfold, she continues, with the egg-laying of two eggs, brooding and cracking of the shell decrypted minute by minute by Internet users gathered behind the hashtag #dceaglecam.

Now all eyes are toward the second egg to which "we will be alert all weekend," warns the site, however, warned: "events like the rivalry between siblings, predators, and a disaster Nature can endanger the family of eagles and difficult to watch. "

An eagle hatched live and creates the sensation

After hatching and its batch of screenshots of the small ball of gray feathers, the flight of the baby eagle (also called "bald eagle") should be the next installment of this series worthy of reality TV.

The cameras filming live animals, like bears in a natural park in Alaska or a baby panda at the zoo in Washington, are increasing in the United States to face the public's enthusiasm.

"Mr President" and "First Lady" were installed on top of a Virginia tulip tree in the arboretum Washington and raised successfully a first small spring 2015, before leaving for their annual migration. It was at that moment that the team of American Eagle Foudation took the opportunity to climb the tree and get almost a kilometer of fiber optic cables to install the cameras at 60 meters above the ground.

Both birds legs and bright yellow beak are the first to nest in the arboretum since 1947, according to the AEF. Their case was indeed virtually disappeared in the 1950s, due to the use of the pesticide DDT. The bald eagle was then declared endangered in 1967, before the DDT will be banned in 1972.
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